LED Tubes T-8

1200 mm x 300 mm Mounting, flush, suspend or hang from cables.

1200 mm x 300 mm
Mounting, flush, suspend or hang from cables.

ADVANTAGE OF LED TUBES LED tubes were designed specifically to replace existing T8 fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent lighting is multi-directional, meaning that no more than 50% ever reaches the desired workspace. On the other hand, LED lights are directional, which means that the same amount of “efficient” lighting can be produced using only half the luminous flux.

  • Reduced electrical consumption
  • Output lighting as strong as that of a fluorescent lamp
  • Fully integrated technology
  • Optimal and directional luminous flux
  • Can be switched on and off an unlimited amount of times
  • Flicker, infra-red and UV free
  • Life span of over 36,000 hours
  • Compatible with existing fixtures
  • Instantly switches on at full-brightness level
  • Hardly dissipates any heat
  • Comes in several colour temperatures
  • Contains neither heavy metals nor harmful gases
  • Reduced maintenance costs thanks to the longevity of LED tubes
  • Power factor correction (Cos Phi) makes it possible to reach power factors of 0.96 without having to modify existing electrical installations, thus reducing power consumption. We achieve these outstanding results thanks to our advanced power-supply design.
  • Suitable for warm and humid environments. LED lighting is especially well suited for tough weather and climactic conditions as neither heat nor humidity affect their performance.
  • Environmentally friendly because they contain neither harmful gases nor heavy metals, they are also 98% recyclable. Further, thanks to clever circuit design, our tubes will accommodate future generation LED components, hence making our tubes future-proof.
  • Lights turn on instantly. LED’s do not flicker when turned on.
  • LEDs generate even lighting along the entire tube from the very moment they are turned on.
  • No flicker or strobe-light effects. LEDs run on DC power, which eliminates fluctuations in luminous flux (often found in fluorescent tubes). Our very stable DC power supplies guarantee disturbance-free work conditions for people working at computer terminals.
  • Helps preserve a cleaner environment thanks to their exceptional life-spans (5 to 7 times that of traditional tubes), low consumption levels as well as their recyclability. LEDs rank as very durable products.
  • Reduced power consumption on cooling systems (air conditioning, freezers, refrigerators) because LEDs dissipate negligible levels of heat
  • Wide range of colour temperatures (3000k, 4000k, 6000k…..) further colours also available upon request, thanks to our close partnership with R&D – our professional range can respond to specific client requests within weeks.
  • Unbreakable, thanks to their aluminium and polycarbonate structure. LED tubes are shock and vibration resistant and, therefore, not fragile. This significantly reduces risks of damage during transport, handling and storage. No longer will assembly lines grind to a halt in order to pick up thousands of pieces of glass.
  • No more high consumption ballasts. With LED technology, both power and circuit management are internal. This greatly reduces potential points of failure as numbers of electrical devices in installations are significantly reduced.
  • Full range of tubes, covering standard lengths from 450mm to 2400mm and designed to replace existing fluorescent tubes. Made-to-measure tubes also available for specific applications (indoor/outdoor signs, vending machines……..).
  • 145 degree optimized luminous flux. LED light is directional and makes it possible to concentrate most of the light onto the desired area or work space.
  • Works in low temperature environments (specified down to -40 degrees C). LED tubes are ideally suited for refrigerators or freezers as low temperatures affect neither performance nor longevity.
  • Frequently turning them on/off does not affect their life span. This makes them ideally suited for motion detection applications.
  • No circuit/fixture modifications needed de-circuit. LED tubes will fit in right where your neon lights were. For ferromagnetic ballasts, the change consists of removing the old tube and starter and clipping the new one into place. For electronic ballasts, the ballasts must be shunted.
  • Dust does not get absorbed and tubes do not turn yellow. LEDs work at low temperatures with low voltages. Dust does therefore not “cook” and stick on the surface of the tubes, guaranteeing the same quality of light throughout their life cycle.
  • Pre and post-sale support, guaranteeing the long life of our products
  • LED tubes are easy to take apart and repair, guaranteeing longer life spans, eg, PSUs can be replaced in less than3 minutes.
  • High-quality lighting design. By using the finest chips available on the market and operating under strict directives of both European and Japanese boards, we guarantee high-quality, long lasting products.

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